Are you a girl or boy, age 6.5 - 10, interested in swords and swordfighting? Then join the Squires™ or Knights™ program and let us introduce you - the up-and-coming Jedi - to a safe way to try it: without pain or injury. 

Little Knights in Training!

Using safe, padded weapons, you will learn basic movement and handling skills then start working on technique, patterns, and blocking/striking sets during regular classes. Students will also learn to fight solo, in pairs, and on battle teams. Classes run in three main segments: Warrior Warmup, Battle Skills, and occasionally Battle Games. 

It’s a serious workout that develops discipline, eye-hand coordination, teamwork, and control. Most of all, it’s FUN!

Padded Weapons Trial Class - Trial students at age 6.5 through Teen may come once and TRY IT OUT! The preferred Trial Class times are Mondays from 5 - 6 for ages 6 - 10 and 6 - 7pm for ages 11 - up. Trial Classes are FREE and includes the use of all gear. (One time only per student - new students only!)

SQUIRES™ - for ages 6 - 8. The Squires™ program is specifically geared towards the youngest students. Skillsets and technical work are simpler than they are in the Little Knights™ and BattleMasters™ programs. There are less levels and usually only one or two kata per level. Squires™ still have to do virtue work and of course are expected to uphold the Squires™ Code of Honor!

KNIGHTS™ - for ages 8.5 -  10+. BattleMasters™ Knights™ is a structured, curriculum-based hero training program for ages 8 -10. Using padded weapons, students progress through levels of challenging training to attain the vaunted Black Sash and the title of ELITE KNIGHT. BattleMasters™ is designed so that a student who comes once a week will take approximately 2 to 2.5 years to complete.

Developing and deepening self-confidence, personal mastery, and physical coordination/fitness are the larger goals of the program. Proper behavior, focus, and participation ensure positive accomplishments - and such are the expectations of students in the program. At BattleMasters™, we have a saying, “Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes EXCELLENT!” Excellence is what we are striving for in all things. It is the hallmark of a Hero…

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