Greetings! The BattleFront is bustling with news of the ongoing struggle to win the war!

Which side are you on? Are you skilled enough to hang on? Do you need more training? You've come to the right place!

We've added a new division to the BattleMasters™ Programs: Squires! 

Squires™ Padded Weapons Program is geared specifically for the 6.5 - 8 year old. A shorter completion track to the final sash for Squires - the Silver Sash - incorporates easier level work and memorization. If a student starts the program at 6.5 or 7, they should be able to finish it in 1 year to 1.5 years. It's also designed to have continuity within the whole BattleMasters™ Padded Weapons program - if a Squire decides to continue on and move into Little Knights (ages 8.5 to 10), they will move into the middle of the program and won't have to 'start over'.

So, parents of children ages 6.5 - 8, they now have something to sink their teeth into!


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